Best Caribbean One-Day Cruise to Bahamas from Miami in 2022

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If you are planning a vacation to a popular place like Miami or better still you are lucky enough to live there, then why not consider taking a one-day cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to the Bahamas. A cruise is one of the best ways to have an unforgettable experience. There are many cruise lines that offer different types of cruises, but they all have one thing in common – they will take you to a great place. If you’re in Miami, your departure point for Grand Bahama Island will be Port Everglades and whether you are staying for a long vacation, a mini-vacation, an important meeting or a special event like a birthday or an anniversary surprise then a one-day cruise could be the perfect option for you. Night cruises or even slightly longer three-day cruises are also a really great choice.


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You’ll want to make sure you get to experience all that Miami has to offer too so be sure to book a great hotel room so that you can give yourself a few days to check out the best bits of Miami first. Some of the top things to do in Miami are the beach, the malls, and theme parks including Universal Studios. A great beach to visit in Miami is South Beach. You can also find plenty of other beaches too. If you want to get out on the water and enjoy some fishing or watching dolphins, then head to Biscayne Bay and Miami Harbor (the largest natural harbor between Florida and Cuba). You’ll also want to visit the Miami Zoo and Botanical Gardens, the Art Deco District, and Little Havana and of course the Miami Beach convention center. All in all, Miami is a great destination and well worth coordinating with a one-day cruise to the Bahamas.

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One of the most popular cruise destinations in the world is the Bahamas. The Bahamas is a destination that offers something for the whole family. Whether you want to explore its marine life, natural wonders, national parks or local art, it’s the perfect place for a short getaway.
The Bahamas is a group of 700 islands and more than 2,400 cays that stretch across 100 miles of the Atlantic Ocean. You will find a variety of things to do, such as visiting beautiful beaches, sunbathing on private islands and an abundance of recreational water activities await you in the beautiful Caribbean waters. The country is home to some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world and has some of the best diving spots in the world and a vast array of tropical fish. Or why not try out water sports like snorkelling, kayaking or windsurfing. You can go scuba diving with sharks or manta rays or take a boat trip to see dolphins and other marine life up close. There are also many natural wonders such as Blue Hole National Park which is famous for its crystal clear turquoise waters , white sandy beaches and coral reefs. If you want to explore nature. The country is a long chain of islands located in the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of South Florida. The Bahamas has some of the most beautiful turquoise waters where you will find a variety of marine animals as well as exotic coral reefs. There are also championship golf courses and one-of-a-kind hotels.

But with so many short cruises to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one will be perfect for you and your family or friends. If you are considering a one day cruise to the Bahamas, there are a few factors that you should consider before making your decision.
Before you travel you’ll want to ensure you have all your travel documents ready including a fully valid passport and you’ll also need to arrange a re-entry visa before your sailing date. Typically cruises are an all-inclusive package deal but for your day cruise, you’ll want to ensure exactly what your tour includes. There will be limits on the luggage you can take with you on the day trip. Usually, only 2 pieces of hand luggage for carrying on only. You’ll want to make sure that you clearly check your departure times and arrive in good time. Most companies are usually very strict with their no-refund policy if you are late and miss your departure, so plan your time well to arrive in good time.

The best one day cruise to Bahamas is from Port Everglades, Florida to Grand Bahama and offer a great way to spend a day in paradise. There are many cruise lines that offer cruises to the Bahamas, but Royal Caribbean is one of the most popular. Royal Caribbean offers cruises for all budgets and tastes, from luxury cruises on their newest ships, to more affordable family-friendly cruises with great package deals. Royal Caribbean offers many different types of cruises to the Bahamas, from overnight trips and day trips, to special event cruises such as those for New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day. There is a wide variety of cruise ships to choose from, with some ships reaching capacity of 4,000 passengers and more. Every cruise includes food and entertainment options such as live music and dancing with professional dancers, comedians and a wide range of duty-free shopping options. With prices starting at $49, a variety of cruise packages offers discounts for bulk bookings and family vacations.

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Maybe you are interested in cruising a little longer and so you might want to consider a three-day cruise to squeeze in a little more. The best place for a family cruise is the Bahamas and Disney Cruise Line offers a great family experience with their cruises. Carnival Cruise Line also offers cruises to the Bahamas, but they are not as kid-friendly as Disney’s. Disney Cruise Line offers four different cruise lines, each with a different atmosphere. Parents should choose the family cruise line that is closest to them and their children’s ages. They have many activities for families to do on board, like interactive shows, parades, and classic Disney movies shown in the theater every night. Disney Cruise Line also has a private island called Castaway Cay where families can go ashore and explore the beaches or relax on hammocks. , enjoy the surf, and swim in the warm Caribbean waters.Disney Cruise Line is great for families with children of all ages, including toddlers. The cruise line offers a Kids Activity Center on board where children can play while their parents relax near the pool or explore an interactive show. Disney Cruise Line also has activities and entertainment throughout the day to keep every member of your family (and your wallet) happy. The Disney cruises offer multiple dining options, but non-alcoholic beverages are only available for purchase in designated dining venues. The Disney ships have youth centers that are supervised by staff members and include a swimming pool, video gaming, ping-pong, basketball court and more. Depending on the age of your kids you may want to take your family cruise during school vacations.

The best time to cruise to the Bahamas is in January and you’d probably want to try and avoid hurricane season typically June through early November. Cruises during the UK’s drab winter months are always a popular choice for the British. Cruise time from the Port of Palm Beach to the Bahamas is around 2.5 hours. The best time to fly to the Bahamas is typically for those who want to avoid the tropical heat and humidity, and would rather embark on their cruise from a port in North America.

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You can really make a holiday to Miami truly unforgettable by incorporating a one day cruise to the Bahamas and especially so if you are planning to tie your trip in with an important date or celebration. The Bahamas are a tropical paradise that is a joy to behold, and the destination is perfect for a romantic getaway. You will find plenty of activities here that you can do together and plenty of fun things to do when you set sail on your cruise. Booking an excursion in Miami is the perfect way to make your holiday unforgettable, whether it be just for a few days or a whole week.

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